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o.y.f.c. u12s 2008-09

OLYMPIACOS  U12s  Season: 2008/2009

Manager:       Emilios  Eleftheriou

Coach:            Andy     Koullas


o.y.f.c. u12s team 09-10

OLYMPIACOS  U12s  Season: 2009/2010

Manager:        Jonh  Demetriou

Coach:            Kyp   Kyprianou

o.y.f.c. u12s whites

OLYMPIACOS  U12S White  Season :  2010/2011

Manager:   Ying  Man

Coach :     Alexi  Mavroudis

o.y.f.c. u12sred 2010-11

OLYMPIACOS YOUTH F.C, U12s Reds  Season 2010/2011

Manager: Demetris Demetriou

Coach :    Theo   Geniris

Olympiacos Youth Reds U12’s won the Watford Friendly League Spring Shield  onSunday 8th May against Enfield Rangers. This was a great achievement for theteam as this is only their second season together 11 a side. They have also gainedpromotion in their respective league.

The players who have worked very hard thisseason to reach such highs and those are Athanassios Bischiniotis,Constandinos Yianni, Alex Cardak, Bendi Katambue, Christopher Ghali,Luke Skarparis, Andonis Neocleous, Leandro Figueriedo, Eddie Shannon,Louis Nicotra, Gabby Torre and Michael Geniris.Also the managers who worked hard to get them there, Demetris Demetriou and Theo Genaris.                                                                                                                                                 




o.y.f.c. u12s  2011-12

OLYMPIACOS  U12S  Season :  2011/2012

Manager:   Andy  Koullas

Coach :     Sotiris Katsapaou