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The News Page

We hope this will enable all of our members and visitors to view what is happening within Olympiacos Youth Football Club.

In the various pages you will find the latest fixtures lists for all age groups, match reports and more useful information which we hope will be of benefit to all concerned.

Welcome to Olympiacos Youth Football Club.

Olympiacos Youth Football Club was formed in 2005 and there will be a number of Junior teams this season 2011/2012.Training for summer will be at Oakhill Park, Barnet ( Tuesdays,Wednesdays & Fridays), winter months’ indoor sports hall venue TBA. We will play in the W. F. L.

Our primary aim is to promote and encourage enjoyment through sport, watching friendships develop, both for children and parents. We also aim to provide and promote for the benefit of young people (boys and girls) the opportunity and facilities to participate in association football from under 8’s up to the age of 14. The club aims to apply for Charter Standard status and is affiliated to the M. C. F. A. The club also has the following active policies: Child Protection Policy, First Aid, Football Kit, Finance, Code of Conduct for players and Managers' Policy.

Safety and First Aid: Each squad has a Team First Aid Representative (TFAR) who will have a relevant qualification. They are responsible for ensuring a first aid kit is available at all times and stocked accordingly. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the child has the appropriate kit including trainers / boots (depending on surface) and essentially shin pads. Please no jewellery or watches during matches / training sessions. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for training and matches, has a drink available (juice or water not fizzy pop) For safety reasons the club does not accept responsibility for transporting players to and from matches. This responsibility lies with the parents. If your child is carrying an injury or suffering from an illness (even a cold) please explain to the manager and rest them until full recovery is made.

Please remember that the Team Manager is responsible for team selection. Being part of the squad will not guarantee your child automatic selection onto the team. Training attendance, attitude and behaviour is also a deciding factor.

 Parent participation is important for the future of our Club. If you have any characteristics or skills, which may benefit the Club or would like to become more involved, then please inform us, every little helps. The money of subs goes on kits, training facilities, pitches, equipment goals, balls, training aids; there are league fees and administration costs too and we have to continually search for additional ways of raising funds. Please help if you can.

Fees are payable before the beginning of the football season-without these fees the Club cannot function smoothly. No player will register/play for O.Y.F.C. until fees are up to date. O.Y.F.C. is a non- profit making organization, which ploughs all monies into improving our Club.

Thank you for your interest in our Club and I wish you and your child a long and happy future with us.

Players & Parents Winter training:

U15s: Ashmole School on Wednesdays at 7.30-8.30pm. Starting 29th September.

U13s: Woodhouse College on Fridays at 8-9pm. Starting 1st October.

U12s & U14s Whites & Reds :Woodhouse College on Fridays at 7-8pm. Starting 1st October.

U11s: Woodhouse College on Wednesdays at 7.30-9pm.Starting 29th September.

U10s & U9s:Woodhouse College on Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm.Starting 30th September.


***Woodhouse College: Woodhouse Road, Finchley N12 9EY ***


Enfield Playing Fields, Ladysmith Road, Enfield EN1 3AJ for all teams.

Age Guide for 2013-2014 Soccer Season
U-19 18 Born August 1, 1994 & Later
U-18 17 Born August 1, 1995 & Later
U-17 16 Born August 1, 1996 & Later
U-16 15 Born August 1, 1997 & Later
U-15 14 Born August 1, 1998 & Later
U-14 13 Born August 1, 1999 & Later
U-13 12 Born August 1, 2000 & Later
U-12 11 Born August 1, 2001 & Later
U-11 10 Born August 1, 2002 & Later
U-10 9 Born August 1, 2003 & Later
U-9 8 Born August 1, 2004 & Later
U-8 7 Born August 1, 2005 & Later
U-7 6 Born August 1, 2006 & Later
U-6 5 Born August 1, 2007 & Later